13 Berlin Laptop-Friendly Coffee Shops for Digital Nomads in 2024

Yes, I know there are three hundred other posts about about coffee shops available for working in Berlin.

But during my travels, I’ve often faced situations where I’ve come to a coffee shop to get some work done and found that there are only 3,5 tables in the whole cafe, or the tables aren’t very comfortable, or the Wi-Fi is unstable or not connecting, or something else is off.

So, after gaining huge experience working not only in my kitchen but also visiting a looot of coffee shops around Europe, I can definitely say that not every coffee shop is conducive to work. Even if they offer free Wi-Fi. Even if they welcome laptop users. Even if they serve the tastiest coffee in the city.

Berlin is full of digital nomads, as well as Berlin is full of cool places where you can be productive and find inspiration from the venue or the people you see there.

So, here is my list of up-to-date list of the best coffee shops to work and only to work in Berlin.

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I’m sure you might have heard of this place. It’s my favorite coffee shop in the whole city. I love the atmosphere, I love the people, I love the interior with its mix of urban, unfinished warehouse aesthetic filled with greenery and huge plants.

The coffee shop is divided into two zones: the first is a general cafe area, and the second is a laptop-friendly space overlooking a lovely green yard.

There are plenty of tables available, but be aware that they can get busy quickly, as this coffee shop is VERY popular among Berliners and city visitors.

But once you’ve got a table, let the work begin!

I should also mention that the cafe has only vegetarian menu, offering coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, and a nice selection of wines and cocktails.

The Visit

Second favorite coffee shop in Berlin. Why am I not surprised they’re both located in Kreuzberg, haha.

Another cool place to get inspired and get some work done.

The coffee shop is smaller than Blumental; its area is basically all laptop-friendly, with a small no-laptop corner. Free Wi-Fi and sockets are available.

This coffee shop might get busy quite quickly, so if you plan to come after lunchtime, you might not find a free table.

But if you manage to get in, be sure to check out their restroom; you’ll love it. Proper Berlin style!

SPIERS good food Cafe

Cherry on top of the Kreuzberg coffee shop cake.

Obviously, this is the coffee shop where you’d like to come back again and again. It’s perfect for a morning coffee or breakfast with a friend, ideal for getting some work done, and just right for enjoying some time with a book.

With its very nice and cozy atmosphere, tasty coffee and food, lovely interior, and the most welcoming barista, honestly, I can call it a gem.


Shakespeare & Sons

Bookworms, writers, editors, or maybe even poets – this is the right place for you!

Okay-okay, other digital nomads are totally welcome there too, just like anyone else.

This place isn’t just a coffee shop; it’s also a proper bookstore or library. So if you prefer to spend your morning with a cup of coffee and an interesting book, you should definitely check this spot out.

There’s a lot of classic literature, a huge section about Berlin and its history, bestsellers, and biographies of famous people.

Obviously, you should expect this place to get very busy regularly.


If you planned to go to Shakespeare & Sons but upon arrival found it to be totally busy, then you should try this option.

A small but nice coffee shop located just 100 meters from the mentioned one. It has two spacious areas and a number of working tables. On the weekend, they arrange no-laptop days. Wifi is fast with no password required.

This coffee shop is cash only, so make sure to have some coins with you.


St Oberholz

If you’ve ever searched for laptop-friendly coffee shops in Berlin, I’m sure you’ve come across this name.

It’s undoubtedly one of the top spots for digital nomads seeking a workspace in the city center.

However, its popularity is also its main drawback – these coffee shops are permanently busy throughout the day.

Despite this, they offer a comfortable environment to work in, with several working zones available, delicious coffee, and a vibrant community of like-minded people.

Soi & Co. (Huadou Soy Concept Store)

I can surely call this coffee shop to be the cutest one I saw in Berlin. In general, the whole venue concept is a bit different to all the other coffee shops.

Okay, of course they do the same job – they serve coffee, provide tables, free access to Wifi, sockets and nice interior. BUT!

Be ready to enjoy the lovely Asian vibe mixed with a minimal design at this coffee shop. Be ready to be welcomed in the most friendly way. Be ready to try fantastic vegan desserts along with one of the best matcha options in the city. And be ready to enjoy coffee made only with alternative milk.

By the way, the coffee shop is cashless only, which is not very common in Berlin, haha.

Just look at these cute bamboo chairs, I totally adore it!

*If you’re a poke lover, be sure to try the delicious poke bowl options at this Hawaiian restaurant, just 50 meters away.

The Store X Berlin

The fanciest coffee shop in my opinion.

Well, it even has a DJ booth, and while we were working there, there was a live DJ set! Add to that a fashion store, a book store and a design boutique hotel, and you’ve got it all!

PERFECT for people who work as a designer, photographer, or any other art department, as you’ll get A LOT OF inspiration there!

The area is quite spacious with different working zones, and the Wi-Fi is stable, with no password required.



Imagine yourself in the heart of Friedrichstrasse, surrounded not by tourists, but by office people in suits and busy remote workers.

This is Betahaus.

The coffee shop, located right next to Checkpoint Charlie, offers an area for the general public and an area for laptop users.

Of course, some random tourists or locals living in the nearest neighborhood can appear there, but in general, the place puts you in a working state of mind.

I find it to be a nice mix of an urban coffee shop and a modern office space.

The Digital Eatery

Based in one of the most touristic streets of the city, however this coffee shop is ideal for work.

No, it won’t be bustling with loud tourists. From the outside, it looks more like a conference hall, so you can expect a relaxed atmosphere that will inspire productivity.

I arrived there in the middle of the workday, and there were just a few people inside.

The coffee shop offers tables for solo work as well as a large table for group meetings.


Concierge Coffee

A stylish coffee shop located just a 10-minute walk from Gleisdreieck Park.

So, first, let’s get some work done and then head to the park to enjoy the sunset or grab a tasty beer at BRLO Brewhouse.

The coffee shop offers two small rooms for working, with several tables in the first one and a large table in the second one. So, if you plan to have a working meeting with a group of people, this is the perfect spot.

There’s always a nice tune playing, fast Wi-Fi, tasty coffee, and very friendly staff.

While I was staying in Schöneberg, I used to work in this place quite often.

Jules Geisberg

If you find yourself in the beautiful area of the city near Viktoria-Luise-Platz, I recommend visiting this coffee shop.

The indoor area isn’t very large, but it’s very bright plus they have quite a few tables outside, so on a nice weather day, it might be an option for you.

The coffee shop is designed in a minimalistic style, oriented towards laptop workers, so you’ll be very comfortable there.


Café 1love4 Ku’damm

A place “made by Berliners for Berliners.” A highly laptop-friendly coffee shop indeed.

They offer two spacious rooms with numerous tables, some of which come equipped with sockets.

Free, easy access to Wi-Fi without requiring a password.

I instantly fell in love with its interior; it’s a place where you feel incredibly cozy and can fully concentrate on your work.

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